Off The Leash was created out of a passion for all animals 

and the fulfillment they selflessly provide us.

Family owned and operated, we extend our family values to our clients and their beloved pets. 

Our Team

April Arms is a Blount County native.  She has experience with the smallest of critters such as birds, guinea pigs and reptiles to cats, dogs and small farm animals. She specializes in puppy potty training. April’s love of animals stems from childhood when she got her rescue tabby cat, Louise, who survived a car accident and rescue Boston Terrier, Sparky, who could play basketball and climb ladders. April is currently learning to raise chickens and has a 2-year-old Border Collie and an 11-year-old Jack Russell.  She is very excited to join the Off the Leash Team and is looking forward to caring for your fur babies.

April Arms



Tom Spaeth


Laura's animal expertise has developed from a lifetime of animal husbandry and study both in her personal life and over 25 years in the animal care field. Background includes zoo keeper, dog kennel tech, pet shop animal care specialist, State Park Naturalist, Veterinarian Technician and certified Veterinarian Assistant, an Accredited Dog Trainer and Behaviorist and an active volunteer and advocate for homeless pets. She learned sound business practices as a Captain in the US Army and as a corporate executive for a government contractor and she holds an MBA.  

Tom has a gentle touch with even the tiniest critters. Joining the team after many years in customer service, Tom is a natural and enjoys providing the playtime and care each of our furry friends crave. He is also currently writing the next great American Novel so watch for him at signing parties. 

Laura Spaeth