"When you can't Stay...

                          We will Sit" 


What time do you visit?

Morning sits are between 7:30-9:30 a.m. and evening sits are between 7-9 p.m.

midday walks can be added for an additonal break. 

How long do you stay?

Approximately 20-30 minutes. All emotional and physical needs are attended to. If a longer visit is required an additonal $5 will be added for 15 extra minutes. 

How do I arrange a visit?

We need to do a Meet and Greet beforehand and let the pets interview us. We would go over their routine and needs and also any house care that you would like to be done. Access to the home would also be handled (keys or codes).

Currently Not Taking New Clients

A good pet is like a Potato Chip, you can't have just one. 

Visits Include


  • Daily updates with pictures
  • Litter scoop and hairball patrol
  • Potty and Playtime
  • Medication as needed
  • Fresh food and water
  • Health Warranty
  • Comprehensive Insurance
  • House care to include mail/trash and plants
  • Packages brought in
  • Security checks
Vacation Care

Go on your vacation without worrying about your home or fuzzy friends. We will stop in and provide them with all their physical and emotional needs. 


Someone who dedicates their life to caring for other people's pets and being cover in fur, slobber and having poop bags and treats in every pocket. 
Properly categorized as a lifestyle

Let your pet stay in the comfort of their own home. 

Multiple visits for all pets in your home. 25 minute visits morning and evening. Add a midday walk for additional TLC.